Web Design for Telemedicine Clinic.

  • Tasks: Logo Design, Web Design and Copywriting for health website
  • This concept website was designed to allow patients to have an online consultation with their trusted doctor on demand, hassle-free and at the comforts of their home or anywhere through telemedicine. 
telemedicine health_webdesign_precilla_stockdreher_1

Telemedical is a concept telemedicine clinic that offers various diagnostics and health care services to patients online by trusted doctors. 

As an experienced nurse myself and a former Maketing Manager for a wellness clinic, I was inspired to create and design this concept of a telemedicine website where patients can easily book and receive online consult from their trusted doctor from anywhere. Telemedicine or online health services by doctors has been growing in popularity especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where the ease of travel got restricted.

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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